SBHS Leadership Team

  • is made up of staff members with expertise in different areas of school operations critical to achieving and sustaining the academic goals of high student achievement at levels of 90% or more. These areas include curriculum and instruction, technology, data analysis, business, facilities management, arts, and professional development.

  • The leadership team is accountable for student outcomes and is responsible for making sure that teachers and staff clearly know and understand what is expected of them daily to achieve high levels of student academic success. In addition, the leadership team ensures that teachers and staff have the training, support, and resources they need to attain the level of proficiency needed to produce those results.

  • Each area of operation at school is the responsibility of at least one of the leadership team members. Our ultimate objective is to create pathways of success for students who may otherwise not have those opportunities available to them and to develop a network of teachers, staff, and community supporters who are equally committed to that goal.

JoAnne Woodard

Founder / Executive Director

  • *Received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Bennett College in 1969
  • *Received a MS in Social Psychology from University of Michigan in 1971
  • *Received a PhD., in Social Psychology from University of Michigan in 1975
  • *She is the founder of the Youth Enrichment Program of Wilson and the Sallie B Howard School.
  • *She currently holds the position of Executive Director

Kimberly Farmer

Dean of Student Affairs

  • *Received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from UNC at Chapel Hill in May of 2000.
  • *Received a Masters of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology from Ashford University in 2012

Diana Torres

Dean of Arts

  • *Received a Bachelor of Theater Arts from the National Fine Arts University in Mexico City in 1989

Dewald Coetzer

Dean of Elementary School

  • *Received a National Diploma in Senior Primary Education from the Durban College of Education, South Africa.
  • *Received Advanced Certificate in Mathematics from University of South Africa

Sandeep Aggarwal

Dean of Cultural Affairs and Business

  • *Received a Bachelor degree in (Commerce) Business Administration from  University of Delhi, India.
  • *Received a Masters degree in (Commerce) Business Administration from Himachal Pradesh University, India .
  • *Received a Bachelor degree in Education from University of Kashmir, India.

Pratibha Lakhani

Science Teacher / Instructional Coach

  • *Received a Bachelor degree in Education from Kurukshetra University, India
  • *Received a Bachelor degree in Science from Punjabi University, India
  • *Received a Masters degree in English from Punjabi University, India