Sallie B. Howard School for the Arts & Education:
Setting the Standard since 1997


Wilson, NC – The NC Alliance Board of Directors met on October 14th at the Sallie B. Howard School for the Arts & Education in Wilson, NC. The school was established in 1997 as the Sallie B. Howard School for the Arts & Education and currently serves over 900 children. It was one of the first of 32 public school charters awarded and was named in honor of Sallie B. Howard, a retired elementary school teacher who is a legend in Wilson for inspiring the hopes and dreams of children.


The school is operated by the Executive Director, Dr. JoAnne Woodard, and opened in a set of modular classrooms. They are now on a ten-acre campus in a set of beautiful buildings that includes a 750-seat auditorium with a huge stage, a regulation sized gymnasium, a 350-seat dining room (too elegant to be termed a cafeteria), libraries, dance studios, music and band rooms, and technology-laden classrooms. Dr. Woodard has created a learning environment that serves as an inspirational goal for all of us.


Dr. Woodard joined the Alliance Board meeting to discuss legislative goals and needs for our Charter Schools across the state. “Thank you,” to Dr. Woodard and her staff for being such gracious hosts to our board and for your valuable input in creating policies that will carry Charter Schools to the success enjoyed by the young people attending Sallie B. Howard School. Thank you, again …Dr. Woodard!



Dr. Woodard tells the story of Ms. Sallie Howard and her love for children.


Gail Taylor, Baker Mitchell, Dana Reason, Grova Brigers, Debbie Clary, Doug Haynes


Dr. Woodard explains the campus layout.

Debbie Clary

Debbie Clary, Governmental and Community Relations