Instructors: Ms. Alepha Foster and Ms. Erica Locke 


The Sallie B. Howard dance program combines dance training with a sound approach to dance education that not only focuses on “how” to dance, but also the roles dance plays in our lives.  Dancers are provided the opportunity to study many dance forms including, but not limited to: creative dance, ballet, tap, jazz, modern and hip-hop. The objectives of this program are to educate and develop artists in dance who are mentally and technically strong, versatile, and expressive and can move with confidence and creativity in their chosen field and everyday life.  


The SBH Dance Program Values:  

Cultural awareness and appreciation through dance

Dance as a source of artistry, education and history

Vocational awareness and preparation for dance careers

The creative process that is inherent in dance and its connection to other art forms and curriculum

Professionalism, self-direction, leadership, accountability and problem solving


K- 3 – Creative Dance 

The objectives of the kindergarten through third grade creative dance program are to provide students with four years of basic understanding of the foundational elements of dance (Body, Space, Effort and Time) through personal exploration.  The foundational dance opportunities support physical development and are accessible and non-discriminatory to ability.  Students experience and learn to appreciate a variety of culturally influenced music and dance forms in addition to learning foundational dance etiquette.  Movement in the creative dance program nurtures and builds upon pre-existing skills of imagination, problem solving, social development, play and focus. 

4th/5th – Dance 

In the fourth and fifth grades students are introduced to the technical forms of dance to develop sequencing, strength, foundational skills and vocabulary, coordination, placement, and confidence in codified dance.  Foundational skills in choreography and performance are taught also within a traditional dance class structure.  Consistent instruction is provided 

three times per week to support kinesthetic and physical awareness as students begin to explore the “how” of dance technique and artistry.  Foundational skills from the k-3 Creative Dance Program are developed through improvisation and students are guided to identify and utilize healthy practices for safe dance.


6th – 8th Dance 

In the middle school dance program the “why”, the magical component of dance: is continued in practice and students begin to understand that “something extra” of dance as a source for artistry. As their vocabulary increases students apply critical thinking skills in response to dance and develop in their choreographic and performance skills. They begin to develop awareness of and orient themselves to a career a dance.  Consistent and sequential training for each student’s age and ability are of primary concern.