A Cause Worth Supporting: Sallie B. Howard School for the Arts & Education


“I didn’t get here through wealth or privilege, education got me here” – Michele Obama

Remember the classmates who were just as smart as you, but didn’t get the opportunities you did? If you could reach back and be that caring, committed person who helped guide those students’ futures, no doubt you would.

At Sallie B. Howard School we are that caring and committed community. Our mission is to ensure that every child – privileged or underprivileged –
gets the kind of education that will allow them to become more than they ever thought they would be.

You can support our mission by helping us:

Expand from K-8 to include early college high school. We need construction funds to add a high school to our campus.

Expand our study abroad program from 3 weeks every two years to 3 months every year.  This allows us to offer in-depth, cost effective opportunities for students
to live and study in Europe, Asia, India, Africa, South America, Mexico and more.

Provide scholarship opportunities for students to further their training and studies in colleges/universities and summer programs.

Build support for our annual fund and capital campaign fundraising.

Establish an endowment fund to secure the long-term future of Sallie B. Howard School long after state funding for charter schools has expired.

Here’s how you can help:

Make an online donation

Sponsor an event

Volunteer your talents

Give a scholarship

Teach a class

Attend a school performance

To make a donation online,
click here